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Stay hungry for more posts coming soon on the MyTàque blog!

I will start a monthly blog featuring "my take" on my approach to life, personal insights, and of course, food.

Stay tuned!

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Tiffany Moy
Tiffany Moy
Feb 06, 2023

I have had the pleasure of having many of Chef Amber’s dishes over the years in various settings. While I love her chicken piccata, fresh pasta and all of her soups, my absolute favorite is her Tiramisu. Like all of her dishes, the same passion for food shines through each one. Highly recommend!


Congratulations on your fabulous website Amber! Both your beloved Grandmothers would be so proud of you ... well, we know they ARE proud of you! I see the Portmerion too!! How do I ensure I am signed up to receive your blog? Sending you big hugs honey!! xxoo

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