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Amber Lehman



The mixture of "My Take" on food mixed with the critique I will give on both my food and others.

“Cooking is a holistic process of planning, preparing, dining and sharing food. I place food at the center of our humanity, as it nourishes not only our physical bodies but also our emotional and spiritual lives. Food is truly a cultural phenomenon that informs our traditions and our relationship with the early. I genuinely believe that food connects us all.” - Eric Ripert

Fresh food, cooking and the overall process of creating beautiful dishes and connections has been my passion since I was a young girl.


Mary, my paternal grandmother, introduced me to soul food; my deep, black roots. Debbie, my maternal grandmother, introduced me to my Portuguese and Italian roots; my Bermudian background. Unanimously, they provided my canvas and strengthened my palette. When I was with them in their kitchens, my problems went away. I buried myself in the recipes, in the love that came from each one. They were always able to see my worth and talent even when I couldn’t.

Food became not only my life, but my outlet. Whether I was happy or hurting, I always found myself in the kitchen, creating. In high school, I went to vo-tech, where I graduated the top of my class in Advanced Culinary Arts and baking. I placed first in the 2008 Skills USA Championships, national cooking competition and went on to college for hospitality management.


Food is bigger than the suppression of hunger. It is an expression, a way to bring people and communities together and my way of life. While in my younger years, it masked itself as an escape from my realities, now it is my key to promote change. My goal is to educate others on how important food is to your body, mind and spirit. If I can help others like myself grow their passions, I will have fully accomplished my dreams.

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